Samantha Paitakis

Is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, and Intuitive Strategist. Gifted from childhood, Samantha has utilized her gifts in many creative ways to bring healing, peace, and closure to so many people over the past 20+ years. Samantha’s gifts also enhance

her life’s work includes her journey as an Ordained InterFaith Minister, Founder of the SoulTapping Method, EFT Specialist, Hypnotist, Spiritual/Psychic Educator, Lecturer; which further assist people with their life celebrations, and making sacred their personal initiations through the seasons and milestones of their lives.

Samantha also Channels All That Is.

How to Get the Best Reading & What to Expect as a Sitter

As a Psychic I can pick up on your own individual energy (or vibe) and read what is going on with you on this plane and spiritually. As a Medium, I am capable of bringing your Loved Ones on the “other side”  Spirit …through when I am doing a Reading with the Sitter who is looking to connect with their Loved One on the “other side of life”.  Every Spirit is different and just like you may experience harmonic or discordant vibes with someone here on the Earth the same goes for the Spirit realm. I will be more able to connect with those who resonate more with my vibration, but every connection is different with each Spirit.   When someone passes over they take with them the LOVE they experienced but also their personality. For example, if your mother did not like your father’s sister while alive on the Earth plane, your mother will not automatically like your aunt after she passes into Spirit. And your mother would not try to come through your Aunt with a loving message for you. Besides, Spirits continue to work on the “other side” are not always available at the drop of a dime.. but sometimes they are there ready and willing to speak with you and will take any opportunity to do so. In my experience, Loved Ones always make the attempt to show up for the Sitter during a Reading.

How will you know if your loved one will come through in a reading? Firstly the intention must be set for them to come. When you make an appt. with me let your loved one know you would like to hear from them. All my work is done from love… which means if you want to connect with a loved one to yell at them for something, chances are they are not going to make the appt. and I would not be able to connect with them. Please if you would like to connect with a love one, think of all the loving memories you have with them days before your appt and/or during your appt..  view some of their pictures and you can bring them with you if you like. This will help the connection at the appt.

Sometimes someone may come thru that you never met (perhaps a deceased parent you never met or met briefly) just because you did not ask them to come through or did not know them well, does not mean they forget you or don’t check in.

Everyone who is meant to come through will come through. One can never really tell who’s going to make the appt. from the other side.  BUT, being a Sitter means you will always be touched by Spirit in some way which always leads to a profound uplifting and loving experience…and should never be anything less than that.

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