Past Life Regression

What Powerful Insight Could You Learn From Your Past?

If you had the opportunity to see your self at different points in time, how could that help you in your reality today?  Have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to…

a certain place in the world, or why you feel so deeply connected to someone? Why you have certain habits or patterns that you will absolutely not change, maybe those
beauty marks or strawberry on your body means something you are meant to remember in this lifetime….Perhaps you have experienced feeling of knowing someone so well, but you’ve never met them in this lifetime?.. All of the above can be explained through regression. Past Life Regression can reveal the heart of many matters you have always wanted to understand.

Even though reincarnation is a powerful word and full of controversy, many people like Dr. Brian Weiss have done their best to show how regression CAN prove helpful in many ways to those who take the opportunity to see for themselves.

This Friday there will be a group Past Life Regression Workshop held at the beautiful sacred space of 206 Blue Point Avenue in Blue Point.

You have the opportunity to find out for yourself what your Past Life Regression can reveal for you!

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To know more about Reincarnation & Past Life Regression you can

It is good to do some research and inform yourself. The internet is available for your inquiry and even though you cannot believe everything you read, you will prepare yourself better. The fact is, your experience will always bring the most truth to you… and you know what they say “the truth will always set you free”!

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