Psychic Development Course

*NOW OFFERING PRIVATE INSTRUCTION/WORKSHOPS VIA FACETIME, Skype, OOVOO, FaceBook Video Chat, or by phone.   Everyone is psychic/intuitive to some degree. This course will help you to understand where your psychic abilities are. I have been leading Psychic Development Courses for years. My classes are fun, easy,  very self-investing, & self-evolving. As you evolve in your natural gifts, your life becomes more conscious as you awaken to your Divine connection with all while learning how aware you really are and expanding on that awareness. The Psychic Development Course is an seven week long course, The format is very thorough beginning with a Meditation, Informational Topic, Practice of that topic, then open discussion/questions. This course is an investment in your self, as you will be able to utilize what you learn, and your higher awareness in all areas of your life for the better.

Every student has reported a greater sense of well-being and a feeling of being more “safe” in the world. Everywhere you go there are psychic currents, wouldn’t it be wonderful to understand what that means, how to be strong in any psychic-sphere, and navigate your life in a such a way that brings you peace and a sense of well-being? You CAN become more self-aware, grounded, and spiritually connected, find out how by taking this course.

In this course you will learn about and practice Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), & Claircognizance (clear knowing). This is a very fun course that will help you to feel more aware of your own power in life, the importance of your part and purpose in life as part of the matrix of all life. As I said before, this course is an investment in your self that will last a lifetime.

I am looking forward to bringing you the information you need in order to live more richly and fully in your own life.

**And now I am offering Private sessions available in the comfort of your own home or sacred space/quiet space via Skype, OOVOO, FaceBook Video Chat, or by phone. Payable via Venmo and PayPal. email

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