Sunday Spiritual Gathering

Each Sunday at 206 Blue Point Avenue, Blue Point, NY 11715, I lead a Spiritual Gathering. The Gathering is unusually inspirational unlike any other that has ever been on Long Island, as I have been told. There is an invocation of Light, Source, God… an “inspired” or channeled talk, guided meditation, messages from the “other side” but also everyone in the circle is invited to share whatever they feel or receive. We then move onto our Prayer Circle .. and end with our community breaking bread with a generous buffet of food and donations. It is potluck or donation. The beginnings of the Spiritual Gathering were by invitation only. It’s important to keep a safe space for those who are cultivating their connection with God with others in any group. Our members and guests have invited family and friends and our closed group has grown to be something of a great Blessing where only loving, compassionate, generous and kind people, come to share. So “206” as we call it, has become a haven for many. This truly is a very beautiful and spiritually clean place of power for all.  We have done outreach, collected for community and causes, and of course we all treat each other with love and respect. This has been a dream come true for me personally. I Thank God for all the Sharing & the Blessings bestowed upon our community at 206 and for all we have been able to do for others as a spiritual group.
206 Members have special benefits. Group trips and events are open to all.

Blessings upon all at 206!


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