Self-Hypnotic Session

This is a fascinating hypnotic geometric image you CAN use to assist yourself in updating your own programming to whatever it is you’d like to activate, achieve, or complete. While viewing this image you will naturally begin to

trance out,… and when you do, you will easily access your subconscious mind where you can make REAL shifts in your REALITY simply by using your imagination and all your senses to make ALIVE that dream you truly desire to experience on all physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. It is very simple. As you NOW imagine bringing LIGHT to your whole being, You can use this image to bring yourself into a nice state of light …or even… deep trance… when you give yourself permission to reach into that part of you that is the subconscious mind where all your “old programming” is just sitting there,  untouched, until NOW…as you let go and  S U R R E N D E R to that peace – filled… place… that  h a r m o n i z i n g … peace, resounding throughout your whole being from the beginning of time and every  dimension .. you begin to  D R E A M into  r e a l i t y  all those positive traits of your  B E – i n g…. filling in the blanks you can say to your SELF– I AM connected to All That Is… I AM_________ I AM _____________ I AM ________________I AM ___________________.  I  D E C L A R E my life is ___________, .. _____________, and ____________. I NOW understand and activate the ______ and ________that lives within me. my true nature …that of my  C R E A T or moves through me, and that which moves through me opens the door to the life I choose to fulfill within my highest purpose for the benefit of all living beings…and for my highest evolution…. and so it is!

If you would like to do the “extra step” before declaring all that you WILL within and upon yourself, you can do some SoulTapping (or EFT) while stating something like this:

  • Even though I am experiencing the reality I have participated in creating at this time, I deeply LOVE, ACCEPT, and FORGIVE myself for anything I have created from un-informed mindful awareness.
  • I CAN ACCEPT that I am doing the best I can with all I know at this time
  • I lovingly release any suffering I have put myself and others through in my attempts to survive and live peacefully in this world.
  • I ask for forgiveness from my Creator for any time I have turned my back on my own life… and I forgive myself for any time I thought of giving up on my-self and my life.
  • I NOW embrace all that is my life, and the value of my life on all levels of my being.
  • I NOW get out of my own way and allow myself to reap the soul benefits of my journey and accept that I am already whole within and without.
  • I draw to me all that is of my being, my power, my soul fragments and my life purpose and direct all elements to now come together within my conscious and subconscious wholeness as I now step into my life more awake… more alive…. more whole for the benefit of all.
  • I accept and allow the true HIGH Guidance of Light, of God that is my shelter and strength to now move through me and open all door to the highest truth my soul has come to endeavor.
  • And so it is…. (beam Gratitude to Source/God)

It is my suggestion that you utilize this resource every morning for at least a week straight… and you will be able to see changes in your reality fairly quickly, you will experience the shift in your reality almost immediately. The more intense your intention.. the quicker the shift. Do the work and allow the benefits. Trust in the power of you and in your connection to your Source.

This is a gift I share with you with Love,



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