Chakra Course

chackra samantha paitakisDo you know you have energy centers, portals of power, in your body that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing? The state of your Chakras contribute to the unique balance of your life in all ways. Samantha Paitakis hosts a basic chakra course designed for those who are beginning their journey towards personal health, healing and overall well-being. In this 4 week course you will learn about 2 Chakras at a time discussing their individual power, examining their personal use and wisdom at this point in your life, and learn how to optimize and balance these centers for your highest overall well-being. This course is available via Skype, OOVOO, FaceBook Video Chat, or by phone. Payable via Venmo and PayPal. In-person workshops will be announced at 206 Blue Point Avenue, Blue Point NY 11715 email for more information.

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