Five Minute Breather

five minute breather samantha paitakisHave you ever had a moment when you just needed five minutes to clear your mind and relax? I created this 5 Minute Breather just for you. When you are stressed out or just need to re-focus your mind so you can be mentally clear, emotionally calm and physically grounded, you can just click on this link and listen. You can download this meditation for only $.99.  Please click here to purchase

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New Moon Workshop

Monthly New Moon Workshop

Next workshop Monday, October 12 @ 7:30pm

Click for info New Moon Workshop

$10 investment pp ( $5 for 206 members)

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Infinite Love

“Forever and always the love makes its way through generations… throughout all time…the soul leads & leaves with all experiences of love… your love as it is greater than any other gift you would bestow”. ~ Samantha Paitakis



Mediumship Development

Have you seen, heard, felt, a Spirit?… Or perhaps it’s a knowing. Everyone has had at least one experience where they were visited by someone they love, who has passed onto the “other side” of life. As the saying goes, Read more…

psychic development course

Psychic Development Course

*Class began (9/1/15)*  Be sure to sign-up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on the next one! Everyone is psychic/intuitive to some degree. This course will help you to understand where your psychic abilities are. I have been leading Psychic Development Read more…

spiritual gathering

Sunday Spiritual Gathering

Each Sunday at 206 Blue Point Avenue, Blue Point, NY 11715, I lead a Spiritual Gathering. The Gathering is unusually inspirational unlike Read more…

Shift into the life you want ~Samantha Paitakis does Vizzy Calls!

The Power Of Visualization

  • Do you have the desire to make positive changes in your life?
  • Have you been thinking about making some new healthy habits?
  • Are there specific goals you would like to achieve?
  • Is there something specific you want to manifest? Read more…

Sacred Ceremonies

Rev. Samantha Paitakis is available for:

  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Candle-Lighting Ceremonies
  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Marriage Officiant/ Weddings
  • Pet Ceremonies
  • Burning Bowl Ceremonies
  • Self Dedication – New Beginnings
  • Anointing, Blessings

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About Me & Psychic Mediumship

I am a Psychic Medium… and more of an Empath (clairsentient) than anything. I am able to feel the emotional, physical, mental states of others, psychicly I pick up on what is going on around them in their lives and Claircognizantly I just know where they are in… Read more…



In 1922 Mikao Usui brought the world, Reiki. Reiki is a natural healing energy system that promotes relaxation and well-being on deep levels of the individual.  Reiki is complimentary to all western healing modalities and can

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Soul Tapping Method

How It Works

EFT/Meridian is a simple procedure that employs using your fingers in a tapping, massaging, or holding a sequence of acupuncture points. Properly applied, EFT quickly and Read more…

life and death

Past Life Regression

What Powerful Insight Could You Learn From Your Past?

If you had the opportunity to see your self at different points in time, how could that help you in your reality today?  Have you ever wondered why you are so drawn to…

Read more…

Portals of Power Within

Chakra Course

chackra samantha paitakisDo you know you have energy centers, portals of power, in your body that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing? The state of your Chakras contribute to the unique balance of your life in all ways. Samantha Paitakis is hosting a basic course designed for those who are beginning their journey towards personal health, healing and Read more…


“206” Location

“206” is a little hidden gem of Light… a haven located in the beautiful town of Blue Point, right across the street from the Bayport/Blue Point Library, Firehouse, and next to the school. You can park on the street or in the Library parking lot. Look for the glass door with the purple frame. click this link for directions.

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