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Relaxation Response

Stress can wreak havoc on you in many ways. You have a natural ability to de-stress simply by using your breath. You can activate your body’s own natural Relaxation Response when anxiety  Read more…

Live Guided Meditation

Do you have a very busy lifestyle? Are you ready to Light Up Your Life with a PERSONALIZED mindtrip to wherever YOU  R E A L L Y   Want to BE? That same old meditation CD or download can’t take you where you want to go anymore?… YOU CAN GIFT YourSelf the luxury of a LIVE Personalized Guided Meditation session? Each session Read more…

Psychic Cord Cutting

  • Are you having a problem getting over a relationship from the past?
  • Do you feel tied to the past?
  • Are you unhappy with your boss,or experience being drained around specific people?
  • Do you still have thoughts about someone, out of the Read more…

Astrology Reports

Do you want to discover your hidden potentials? Would you like to have better understanding of why some aspects of your life are in place and some aren’t? Astrology has been around a very long time and for good reason Read more…

Spiritual Affirmations Coloring Book


Click here for Sample Pages.

Read more…

Self-Hypnotic Session

This is a fascinating hypnotic geometric image you CAN use to assist yourself in updating your own programming to whatever it is you’d like to activate, achieve, or complete. While viewing this image you will naturally begin to Read more…

Chakra Course

chackra samantha paitakisDo you know you have energy centers, portals of power, in your body that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing? The state of your Chakras contribute to the unique balance of your life in all ways. Samantha Paitakis hosts a basic chakra course designed for those who are beginning their journey towards personal health, healing and Read more…

Five Minute Breather

five minute breather samantha paitakisHave you ever had a moment when you just needed five minutes to clear your mind and relax? I created this 5 Minute Breather just for you. When you are stressed out or just need to re-focus your mind so you can be mentally clear, emotionally calm and physically grounded, you can just click on this link and listen. You can download this meditation for only $.99.  Please click here to purchase

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“206” Location

“206” is a little hidden gem of Light… a haven located in the beautiful town of Blue Point, right across the street from the Bayport/Blue Point Library, Firehouse, and next to the school. You can park on the street or in the Library parking lot. Look for the glass door with the purple frame. click this link for directions.

New Moon Wishes

Currently, Info on the monthly New Moon Wishes will be accessed on the 206 fb page Read more…

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